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The Librenza

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librenza g-plan‘The Librenza’ was, quite literally, part of the furniture when we were growing up. In fact, a lot of my very earliest memories are of living in a house that looked a little bit like this one.

Our house was truly the acme of cutting-edge 50′s style.

Unfortunately, it was the 70′s.

Anyway, here’s our G-Plan ‘Librenza’, thirty-odd years later, somewhat the worse for wear, shortly before being smashed up and put in a skip.

G-Plan wall unit ‘Librenza’ model no. (B881) in oak and black with secretaire compartment. Librenza units were illustrated in the 1956 G-Plan catalogue and appear on the October 1956 price list. This model was priced at £41 9s 0d (retail)
The name ‘ Librenza’ was devised by Doris Gundry (J Walter Thompson – advertising agency) being a combination of library and cadenza. Doris Gundry was also the inspiration behind the G-Plan name and early G-Plan slogans. (ref :