fallen tree

fallen tree with lil and fredAuntie Lil, Uncle Fred, James and Dad by a fallen tree. I thought at first it might have been that great old hollow tree stump in Bushy Park, but now I’m not so sure – there’s a see-saw in the background, and houses too, so it must be somewhere else I think.

Nice to see both Dad and Aunt Lil wafting cigarette smoke close to a child. Those were the days.

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One Response to fallen tree

  1. james says:

    Ahhhhhhh! The smell of those Players Number 6. Not surprising we both took up the habit is it?

    Lils favourite tab was Rothmans if I recall, as we got our great banknotes of the world collections from her emblazoned with the Rothmans logo.

    I also remember running round to Colin at the corner shop to pick up Dads 10 number 6 (sometimes with a note of authority from Dad, but more often not).

    Will you be sending Harry down to Mohill for twenty Superkings next time you run out?

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